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Erotic massage in the salon “Secret Room” Kiev

Our erotic salon – is not only a pretty location and typical manipulations for relief of tension. All our client – is VIP-person. We see our mission in giving you unforgettable feelings, distract from everyday routine, and give you a world of sensuality and passion.

Erotic massage salon “Secret Room”

Opinions differ and please everyone is impossible. We don’t agree with it. In our salon, you find all kinds of massage, games, and theatrical performances. You can just watch or play with us. In collections

Erotic massage in Kiev

Erotic massage – is type of art, where classic manual therapy connects with petting. Type of relaxation and caress pick up individual. They depend on the tastes of the client. All customers to choose themselves. It will be a feeling of the masseuse’s body parts or crazy games.

The intimate massage on salon Secret Room

You need to find the masses, but don’t imagine how it does? Has a plan found a professional girl for massage? You need served high level. It must be safe and confidential? You can refer to a professional with experience and reputation – to salon of erotic massage “Secret Room”. Thanks to our ladies, which knows a lot of technique, this procedure turns off in the fantastic show. We are sure that our visitors can get complete relaxation and pleasure. Does it remind you of anything? Do you hear about geisha? These unique women knew how to give incomparable bliss. We have our own program for each connoisseur of true pleasure. Almost any desire of the guests is a law for us. The choice of visitors is provided with such variations as:

  • Body
  • Topless
  • Elite
  • VIP

Service prices

90 min.
1800 UAH
120 min.
2500 UAH
800 грн
60 min.
1500 UAH
2500 UAH
60 мин
1500 грн
2000 грн
60 мин
1300 грн
1500 грн
800 грн/60 min.
1700 UAH/ 1 час
3000 UAH/2 часа
6000 UAH/5 часов (ночь)
1100 UAH
1000 UAH/30min.
1600 UAH/60 min.
1500 UAH/60 min.
600 UAH/30 min.
600 грн

Intimate massage in the Secret Room
Do you want to order a masseuse, but do not know “where to go”? Are you planning to find a massage girl and be sure of the high quality of service, security and confidentiality? You need to contact professionals with experience, reputation, that is, the Secret Room erotic massage salon.

Thanks to our ladies, who possess different techniques, this procedure has turned into a real show, during which the visitor gets pleasure, complete relaxation.

Does this remind you of anything? In the old days, geisha knew how to give such incomparable bliss, and it was available only to a select few.

Our erotic salon is not just another location where stress is relieved by performing a standard set of actions. Each Visitor is a VIP person, the task is not just to give pleasure, but to give an unforgettable pleasure, to distract from the daily routine, to transfer to the world of sensuality and passion.

Types of massage erotica shows in our studio
How many people - so many tastes. It is impossible to please everyone. But we are ready to argue with that. We offer various types of massage, games, theatrical performances, in which the visitor can take part personally or contemplate.

We have collected the best solutions for this collection. We have our own program for every connoisseur of true pleasure. Almost any desire of the Guests is a law for us. The choice of visitors is provided with such variations as:

You can also order erotic massage for women or for couples. If you like to combine water treatments and eromassage, this is also possible. It can be either a joint shower, during which the girl-masseuse will continue to skillfully influence the body, or a "meeting" in a sauna or jacuzzi.

The studio is not a kind of erotic massage spa salon. The goal is to restore your emotional youth. Although, after such procedures, the skin will reward you with tightening, velvety. Especially if the girl is covered in oil and it gradually, movement after movement will envelop your flesh.

Even one visit will help you gain self-confidence, get a previously unknown sensation, switch to the “wave” of beauty and pleasure.

There are many variations, each of them guarantees both a relaxing and a stimulating effect. It is not surprising that the services of our performers, using a professional approach, are deservedly in demand.

But we draw your attention to the fact that even the most unconventional massage is carried out WITHOUT providing intimate services.

What is erotic massage?

Firstly, this is a classic massage, which, in addition to unconditional benefits, combines maximum pleasure. And this, as you know, is the best combination!

Secondly, it's just art that is fun to watch. You should not confuse erotic massage with everyday sex, because erogenous zones are not only in the genital area, so this is something more that can deliver a completely different, deeper and richer pleasure, the impression of which will remain with you for a long time.

Thirdly, this is a classic massage, which, in addition to unconditional benefits, combines maximum pleasure. And this, as you know, is the best combination!

Additional salon services

For add. fee Guests can buy "services" that are not included in the standard price list. What do we offer?
"Sakura twig" - a series of hot kisses all over the body (well, except for the intimate areas). Such physical contact will turn anyone's head;
Foot fetish - for those for whom games of a sexual nature cannot be imagined without a gentle foot massage. An unusual but memorable experiment;
striptease .. Who does not want to look at the beautiful Mademoiselle with luxurious forms, sending a sexual impulse with every movement. A private dance will remain in your memory;
the second girl during a complex like Elite or Vip can also join at the request of the buyer. Double result is guaranteed.
Discounts for regular customers and gifts for birthdays and holidays
There is a loyalty program for regular customers. We provide discounts, we "profess" an individual approach when calculating the cost. We have a standard price list. But if you are not with us for the first time, we are able to surprise you not only with unique services, but also with affordable prices. And if you are with us for the first time, we will prepare a surprise for you, such as cool bonuses. Not surprisingly, our place is the most visited. If you want to present a gift that can impress the most demanding presentation recipient, we offer a good option - contact us. We have gift certificates available:

birthday discounts;
bonus system;
gifts and this is not all that the Secret Room intimate salon offers.
Presenting a gift to relieve stress is an excellent solution, since sexual harmony for a modern person is considered an important condition for psycho-emotional comfort.

Salon masseuses
We don't just have charming masseuses. They are some of the most experienced and professional in Ukraine. We not only conduct a careful selection, but also regularly improve the qualifications of performers, learning new techniques and techniques. As a result, the Secret Room is the most popular in the capital. Well, you can get acquainted with modern geishas by visiting the catalog where their photos are posted. A chic Ukrainian Klondike of beauty and sexuality. All provided caresses are carried out strictly without intimacy. Yes, many variations come with an ending. Moreover, the number of relaxations in each case is different. But this effect is achieved because we have experienced personnel who thoroughly know different techniques of manual and bodily influence, understand how the nervous system reacts to one or another "stimulus" and are able to bring the visitor to a special state with relaxation.

Why people choose us - principles of service provision
It can take a long time to list the list of benefits that customers receive. After all, we are an institution that has been proven by practice and time. But there are points that are important for all Clients and these are:

complete anonymity. There are no options here, we guarantee 100% confidentiality. We will not only be able to order services anonymously, but also pay;
service 24/7. The company works around the clock. This means that we are 24 hours ready to receive guests or telephone requests;
loyal prices. We have a flexible pricing policy. It is impossible to get the courtesies of experienced women with a model appearance cheaply, but we have developed different options, as a result of which the joys of the economy, premium and luxury formats are available to Clients;
cleanliness and hygiene. It is not even discussed. Whoever visited the studio knows, we guarantee not only excellent quality of service, but also complete safety. Young ladies undergo regular medical examinations, and hygiene is strictly observed, according to the strictest standards;
real photos of the salon and miss. Sometimes consumers are faced with the fact that the real interior is different from what the customer sees in the photo. We are pursuing a different strategy. By visiting the site, you can see real photos of the senorite. The photo shows not only the silhouette of the lady, but also her mouth-watering forms. So that you get a complete picture of the beauty of our young ladies, photos are available for you in clothes, in underwear, a swimsuit;
strictly without intimacy, only stimulation to relieve sexual tension. As cleanliness and hygiene - this is a must-have component, without which the organization of massage is impossible.The company's work is aimed at providing its visitors with psychological relaxation, relieving stress, but without providing intimate services. And do not be fooled by a candid photo of beauties, their sexy image. No intimacy with or without an elastic band.

How we are working
It is easy to use the services of masseuses. For this you need:

visit our website, make a choice of the program and the girl. A brief description of each service, photos of women will help you to make your choice;
to order this or that program, you can use different types of communication (the number for the call is indicated on the website).
the price list gives an idea of ​​prices. Everyone can decide not only on the choice of the performer, but also on the price segment. We want cool relaxation to be available to many, therefore, even a budget erotic option is presented in the assortment.
We invite you to see for yourself how to have a good time with Ukrainian girls.

How to order a sensual massage?
The advantage of contacting us is the ease of interaction. Call us or leave a request. The manager will contact you, clarify all the details and at the agreed time an exciting, relaxing, dizzying massage awaits you. In order for us to create an atmosphere that 100% meets your requirements, in a conversation with a specialist you need to indicate:

relaxation program;
Fraulein that suits your taste. We have a large selection and even dark-skinned ladies work;
agree on the time of your visit or the arrival of the young lady, if you want to enjoy the reception at your place. An ideal solution for those who have their own favorite location.
Speaking of time, services are available both day and night. An urgent option is also possible. You can agree on the form of payment in advance. We accept cash. We can pay by card. For money, you can "extend the session" or order a service with additional features.

How is it going?
We can describe the whole process in detail. But why ... You can read reviews, find out the rating of the best procedures or in practice evaluate how everything happens. The programs seem to be the same. This is not true. It all starts with a classic session, but it can be point masses, patting, stroking. The end of the procedures is also similar, everything ends in complete relaxation, total pleasure. But what happens between the beginning and the end depends on the devil who takes the situation into her skillful hands. The Client has the ability to “direct” the process. If the Guest asks to take off the lace underwear, then the girl will conduct an erogenous massage without him. Both can be naked, take a shower together, or have an active kissing set. You can safely say: “I practice this way” .... and if it does not go against the “no sex” policy, the beauty will play by your rules.

How to get to us?
The address of the institution is indicated on the website. You can determine the most comfortable journey using the map. The nearest transport is also indicated on the map. Chornovola Street is the very center. It is easy to reach us from the metro stations Lukyanovskaya, Vokzalnaya, University, Polytechnic Institute. The premises of the company do not limit the geography of the provision of services. The professionalism of masseuses can be appreciated by the whole of Kiev, because we offer the departure of young beauties to the client's house. So there are no restrictions:

no temporary (come to us today and now);
nor geographical (we do not care whether it is the left bank of the Dnieper or the right bank, the Customer's apartment or our private salon and his cozy office).
Assy women work for us in their field, and every movement of their body brings the real ecstasy of our Guests closer. Ero salon Secret Room is a whole philosophy, a special aura created so that every Guest, having crossed the threshold, forgot about everything, immersed himself as fully as possible in the unforgettable world of bliss, relaxation, and pleasures. If you have not yet decided where to go for a wonderful new experience in the field of relaxation, you are welcome. Come to us!