Massage “Sakura Branch”

“Sakura Branch”: elusive beauty, remembered forever

From the very name of the service provided by our salon, you can logically assume that without the influence of beautiful traditions, graceful rites and the bewitching mystery of the Land of the Rising Sun, it could not do here. And you will be absolutely right! It was in Japan that this type of massage appeared as the “Sakura Branch”. Until recently, only very wealthy people could afford it.

Commanding a nymph

“Sakura branch” – a sophisticated, refined, confidential massage, in which all feelings are aggravated. During the session, the girl will gently stroke, blow over your intimate places, cover the innermost parts of the body with sensual kisses, possibly bite slightly and gently tease with gentle touches of the tongue, nose, lips (the masseuse’s hands do not participate in this process). Also, ice cubes are used during the massage. The girl draining water droplets from your body will slowly and sensually collect it with her tongue. A special atmosphere of intimacy will be created by subdued light and a subtle aroma of aphrodisiacs. In such an environment, you will not just get physical relaxation. It is likely that you will experience real passion, feel yourself, if not the master of this world, then at least a king, sheikh or padishah, each desire of which is anticipated by a beautiful slender nymph. Thanks to these sensations, “Sakura Branch” received the title of massage worthy of kings. During the session, you will bathe in the waves of passion and heavenly pleasure, survive the painful but beautiful languor and explode in the volcano of divine pleasure. “Sakura branch” (a massage that none of those who have experienced it on their own can never forget, just as it is impossible to forget the delicate charm of flowering Japanese cherry) will take away all your everyday worries. After him, all problems, sorrows and sorrows will fade or be completely forgotten.

Allow yourself openness

Erotic massage “Sakura branch” is a special type of service. They provide it only in elite salons of erotic massage, the guests of which are people with a certain social status. Why? During the session, a fairly close relationship arises between the visitor and the girl. During the massage, secret, long forgotten, rejected or driven deep inside fantasies and desires will awaken in you. At the same time, ordering this type of service, you should not worry about the safety of your secrets: everything that happens between you and the masseuse will remain only between the two of you. Allow yourself to not only see, hear, feel, but also feel! The undisclosed emotional, emotional and sensual impulses that people are used to driving deep inside are one of the reasons that keep a person in constant inner tension. But the main purpose of erotic massage is to relieve such tension! So allow yourself to be natural, allow yourself to open up!