Cool prelude to sex

In the previous article we talked about erotic massage. Today we will continue to talk about him as a prelude to good sex.
It is known for certain that in order to help a partner to relax and get maximum pleasure from sex, erotic massage can be used as a prelude.

“Syndrome of anxious expectation” – and how to deal with it.

Did it happen to you that you felt anxiety at the very moment when everything was supposed to happen. Anxiety associated with thoughts of failure. In other words, a man who is completely healthy, with great desire, arousal and excellent erection, suddenly for no reason, begins to fear before the introduction. Moreover, this also happens in women. During preliminary cares, everything was fine and already during intercourse, she suddenly begins to think about some other things: excitement falls and there may be no orgasm. This emotional state is “Anxiety Alert Syndrome”. Why does this happen? Often people set themselves the goal – to have sex, have fun or satisfy someone. And in the presence of this kind of goal in the head of a person, it can help reduce excitement. After all, to achieve the goal, you need to make an effort. A goal is a joyful work, and work does not excite at all. That is, a person begins to think too much about what and how to do, and, as mentioned earlier, he may get agitated and lose his excitement.
But you don’t have to think about it at all. When there is no goal, the body, consciousness and subconscious mind work normally.
From the foregoing it follows – a person needs help to escape from all unnecessary thoughts. An erotic massage is an excellent tool.

Massage, as such, can also begin in the bathroom, when you can wash each other by lightly massaging your partner’s genitals.
Then everything in the room should be continued. In the room where everything will happen – it should be quite cozy and comfortable. Coolness, heat, pungent and unpleasant odors, noise and other “irritants” will only interfere.
It is best, although not necessary, when a man begins to massage a woman. As a rule, a woman needs much more time for arousal than a man. A man is excited quickly and it must be used immediately after readiness, otherwise it is like fire – it ignites quickly and quickly burns out.
There are many different erotic massage techniques. Movements can be fast, active, sharp. And they can be smooth, gentle, light. It all depends on what your partner likes. But at the same time, it is always recommended to start slow and smooth movements.
There is a so-called “nail massage” – it is done with the help of nails. Not with hands, not with fingers, but with nails. Such a massage is done very gently.
The areas of influence can be very different: back, neck, buttocks, stomach – anything. Again, the main thing is always to look closely at the reaction of your partner’s body to your movements. Having determined what your soulmate loves, you can always give her pleasure, even with the simplest movements.