Water massage

Aqua massage: on the waves of relaxation

Aqua massage can be both a wonderful prelude for other types of massage, in particular, erotic, as well as a separate, no less charming and long-remembered action. After all, it allows not only to cleanse the body, but also to renew feelings and emotions. That is why it is most often practiced by lovers and couples to revive the senses.

How does an aquaphone massage go?

You are sitting or reclining in a bathtub filled with warm water or, even better, a jacuzzi (in this case, you can use the hydromassage mode). It is warm water (as opposed to cold tonic) that helps you relax and tune in the right way. You admire the snow-white “clouds” of velvet foam, a dim light envelops you, candles flicker mysteriously, a romantic melody carries you to unknown distances, you inhale incense … and then a girl appears. This beautiful fairy with rubbing, gentle, light touches rubs and kneads your tired strong arms, shoulders, neck, chest, back, stomach, hips, legs … In order to help you completely relax, the masseuse can use various aromatic oils: ylang-ylang, mint, patchouli, jojoba, lavender, etc., as well as sea salt, lotions, balms and tinctures on various herbs. To more deeply feel the whole range of feelings that may arise during an aquapen massage session, allow yourself to stop controlling the situation and trust the girl’s skillful, soft, but at the same time strong hands. Close your eyes, surrender to the waves of relaxation, feel all the charm and sophistication of the process. After all, it simultaneously relaxes and excites. Aqua massage ends with light eroticism. Almost weightless, teasing movements of the girl’s body in a slow or fiery-passionate rhythm will allow you to get true pleasure and satisfaction. You will feel vigorous, full of vitality and energy!

What gives an aquaphone massage?

It helps maintain or restore your energy potential. It is an excellent preventive measure in relation to your health. It allows you to relieve stress, prevent nervous and emotional overstrain. It relieves headaches, helps to cure or prevent disorders of the nervous system. Aquaphone massage is a fairly common type of service found in many erotic massage parlors. However, if in some salons they provide just a charming girl with little experience in massage to provide such a service, then we will be served not only by a charming, but also truly professional masseuse.