Erotic massage

In the hope of keeping pace with the fleeting time and the ever-accelerating pace of urban life, we often forget about the charms of emotional and sensory experiences, collecting from time to time only “creams” of pleasure and ceasing to feel the depth of our sexuality, masculinity / femininity. So, maybe you should allow yourself to stop and rest for a while?

Eromassage for couples

It’s much easier to diversify your intimate relationship with a man or a girl and to correct this situation at the stage of origin than after a long amount of time, when you can cool down quite strongly in relation to each other. Ready-made recipes have already been tested by more than one generation of couples.

Thai massage

Real Thai massage is a wonderful art of pacification and healing, about which many have heard, but so far few have been able to experience for themselves, without going abroad. Indeed, at a decent level, this type of service, such as Thai massage, is not yet too represented in our country, even in such an “advanced” metropolis as Kiev.

Peep show

Despite the fact that voyeurism has a long history, and the beginning was laid back in ancient Rome. And at that time it was much more expensive not to visit a prostitute, but just to spy on her at the time of sexual intercourse.
For information, not many people know that A.S. Pushkin was also a fan of such a piquant pastime.

Lesbian show

Just imagine: two spectacular temperamental charming women in delicious outfits gently hug each other, caress elastic bodies, burning you and your partner with a fiery look, twisting your hands, merging in a passionate kiss … Performing an erotic dance like a ritual, girls seduce each other and gradually free them from clothes , then proceed to slow and sophisticated caresses, teasing movements giving each other tenderness and excitement.

Massage “French Kiss”

Our salon promises to bring it all back to your life, renewing it and saturating it with new unusual colors if you decide to use the “Massage French Kiss” service. An unusual program will lead you into the world of unknown mysteries of your own body, and discover the depths of your nature that have not been known before.

Massage “Sakura Branch”

From the very name of the service provided by our salon, you can logically assume that without the influence of beautiful traditions, graceful rites and the bewitching mystery of the Land of the Rising Sun, it could not do here.

Water massage

Aqua massage can be both a wonderful prelude for other types of massage, in particular, erotic, as well as a separate, no less charming and long-remembered action. After all, it allows not only to cleanse the body, but also to renew feelings and emotions. That is why it is most often practiced by lovers and couples to revive the senses.

Erotic massage for women

It’s the twenty-first century in the yard, and women, flipping through glossy magazines and holding their eyes on advertisements for various types of erotic massage, for some reason most often perceive this type of service as intended exclusively for men. Dear ladies, we suggest that you think that in the modern world your life is no less saturated and active than that of a strong half of humanity.

Classic massage

The life of such a metropolis as Kiev rushes at an incredible speed, and sometimes a person completely forgets about his feelings, desires and needs, sometimes even the most elementary ones. But own health is one of the most important aspects of human life, and you must not forget about it!

Cool prelude to sex

Did it happen to you that you felt anxiety at the very moment when everything was supposed to happen. Anxiety associated with thoughts of failure. In other words, a man who is completely healthy, with great desire, arousal and excellent erection, suddenly for no reason, begins to fear before the introduction.