Thai massage

Thai massage: activate your life energy

Real Thai massage is a wonderful art of pacification and healing, about which many have heard, but so far few have been able to experience for themselves, without going abroad. Indeed, at a decent level, this type of service, such as Thai massage, is not yet too represented in our country, even in such an “advanced” metropolis as Kiev.
An amazing ancient art – Thai massage – is aimed at healing and healing the human body. Carrying out this amazing ritual, the masseur is in a state of concentration and peace. With his inner vision, he tries to detect energy clamps and blocks in the client’s body (and there can be a lot of such in the residents of Kiev), eliminate them by acting on certain lines and acupuncture points, thereby resuming and activating the normal flow of vital energy flows through the body.
If you are looking for a worthy Thai Massage program (Kiev), Secret Room professionals (Kiev) are ready to show you what real Thai massage is. After all, our employees underwent special training and perfectly mastered the ancient technique.
For a massage session in the “Secret Room” (Kiev) you will be provided with a cozy room with subdued light and relaxing music, a pleasant smell of incense. A charming masseuse will knead your skin with her sensitive, strong and at the same time very gentle fingers, acting on all its layers, blood vessels, muscles, glands, and through them the central nervous system. Thanks to this kind of massage like Thai
blood and lymph circulation are activated; muscle and skin tone increases, which makes it smoother, denser and more elastic; metabolic processes in the body improve; tired muscles recover faster than during normal rest, etc.
While the girl is working with your body, an indirect effect on the subcutaneous fat layer occurs. Thai massage helps to “burn” excess fat. In this regard, Thai massage in the Secret Room salon (Kiev) can be useful for people who want to correct their figure.
Gentle slow stroking of a masseuse will remove the increased excitability of tissues, calm the nervous system. The pain, fatigue, and stress that accompany life in a city like Kiev will leave you. You will plunge into the world of bliss and peace, gradually replenished with vital energy. Following this, a pleasant addition to the wellness section awaits you. The girl will continue to do massage with her body. From her touch, you will feel as if electric discharges slip between you. You are so “heated up” that after a while you will experience the greatest pleasure.

Allow yourself such a relaxation as Thai massage in the Secret Room salon (Kiev)!